Getting along with others

Getting along with others is mostly up to you

I have a friend who lets everyone around her affect her attitude, her job and her life. Negative people ruin her day. When a coworker snubs her she is crushed. She has left jobs simply because she thought others didn’t like her. She is competent and a good worker but her problem is getting along with others. It seems that working with co-workers, customers and bosses is a constant struggle for her. It is sad because working with others can be an enjoyable experience. The choice is up to each of us to make that happen.

Even if a co-worker is unpleasant to work with, you can still work to make the experience more pleasant. Here are some tips that can help you be more successful when interacting with others:

  • Be understanding. Accept the fact that even if you’re having a good day some others may not be. In fact, some people never have a good day. If a co-worker snaps at you, take it in stride. Let it roll off your back. Don’t take it personally. I know this is sometimes hard to do, but once you master this attitude your life is much more pleasant.
  • Feel good about yourself. You are an amazing being. Remember that, and act like it. If you don’t feel good about yourself, others won’t feel good about you either.
  • Actively cooperate with others. When others believe that you sincerely want to help them, get projects finished or get things done, they are more likely to cooperate with you.
  • Accept others for what they are. We are all unique. Don’t expect others to have the same style or methods as you. Be open to differences and appreciate them.

 Regardless of the type of job you have, you most likely have to work with others on a regular basis. Whether these are positive or negative experiences is mostly up to you.

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