Workplace Conflict Consulting

Strategic management of workplace conflict consulting services - A comprehensive, flexible approach to cutting the hidden costs and business risks of preventable conflict.

  • Human Resource Consulting and Organizational Development Initiatives 
  • Transform your organization into a high-performance conflict-free place to work

Unresolved Workplace Conflict

All of the training and development programs you implement can be a waste of time and money if the primary source of poor productivity has not been addressed.  Usually the primary source of poor productivity is unmanaged workplace conflict.

Strategic Management of Workplace Conflict

We make sure that your organization achieves optimal human performance and ROP – Return On People. We offer a “cafeteria plan” of optional components that allows you to receive  exactly what you need . . . and nothing more.  

Step 1: Benchmark — Assess current conflict, its forms, and its costs

Establish baseline measures of conflict in your organization.

Step 2: Train — Establish the core competencies for managing workplace conflict
Interest-based Negotiation Skills

  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Essential Conflict Knowledge
  • Mediation Skills for Leaders
  • Employee Conflict Management Skills

Option: In-house train-the-trainer to prepare your training consultants to conduct courses for other employees.

Step 3: Coach — Support the learning

Following training, telephone and email coaching is available in  outcome-targeted, coaching  sessions. Training plus coaching increases performance 88%.

Step 4: Enable — Remove the obstacles

Identify the blockages imbedded in your organization’s structure and culture that prevent effective application of the core conflict management competencies. Create and implement an action plan to remove those obstacles, enabling employees to fully apply their conflict resolution competencies, and allowing the organization to gain full value from its investment in training.

Step 5: Expertise — Train an in-house panel of expert mediator

Host a customized in-house 40-hour (five days) Mediator Certification Course to create a panel of expert mediators. Thereafter, your in-house experts will be capable of mediating the most challenging and complex disputes.

Step 6: Systematize — Establish a comprehensive dispute resolution system

Design, establish, and fully document an interest-based conflict management system containing procedures for handling disputes of all kinds, including employee grievances, EEOC complaints, wrongful termination challenges, vendor disputes, and other conflicts that may otherwise unnecessarily escalate to litigation.

Step 7: Reassess — Compare to benchmarks

Re-administer the benchmarking instruments. Measure the progress toward becoming a “Mediating Organization” by comparing aggregate costs of conflicts and index scores of conflict management strategies. Examine results for indication of appropriate next steps, if any.

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