“I can’t wait to get back to work and start using what I’ve learned today. This seminar should be mandatory for all leaders. Ben kept us excited and motivated.”
ARK, Inc.
Heather A. Burberry, Team Leader

“It has been a pleasure working with you for these past few years. You have helped transform our office into a much more productive and pleasant place to work. We initially hired you to conduct customer service training for all of our employees and that went so well we brought you back to work with our senior management team and then individual divisions. You have become an office tradition. You have mediated conflicts, conducted teambuilding sessions, coached managers, and provided excellent staff development training. Now that you have gotten things running so smoothly around here we need to make sure you come back annually for tune ups.”
Pinal County Attorneys Office
Robert Carter Olsen, County Attorney

“Ben was direct, informative, knowledgeable, kept to the subject, yet was humorous enough to be enjoyable. Thank you.”
Advanced Cardiac Specialist
Patti Bennett, Medical Office Manager

“There was much more covered in this one day session than I imagined (possible). It was awesome. Ben is very knowledgeable. Good role playing and examples.”
The SABRE Group
Violet Dennis, Team Leader

“Congratulations on great evaluations! I must commend you on your professionalism and on your ability to consistently present a quality presentation. It was great working with you again, please keep your calendar open for next year.”
National College of District Attorneys
Candace M. Mosley, Director of Training

“Ben Adkins had great presentation skills. Ben used a combination of professionalism, humor, and people skills, to make the topic exciting. His enthusiasm and quick wit gave him the ability to draw in members of our management team that normally do not actively participate in seminar situations. Ben has the ability to interact and steer the seminar in the direction the participants take it. It was a pleasure to have him as our facilitator.”
Heidi Gonzalez, Training Coordinator

“Your workshops have been conducted at eight of our medical centers and also at the regional training site…It is to your credit that the physicians who attended your session felt they had gained great value from your presentation.”
Kaiser Permanente
Elizabeth Wu, Management Development Consultant

“The Finance and Administration Division Council of Texas Tech University was pleased to have you as their guest lecturer…your program was well received by our managers. Their comments have been very positive…you presented some different ideas and approaches that served as positive reinforcements. It was a valuable workshop and time well spent.”
Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Eugene E. Payne, Ph. D., Vice President Finance and Administration

“We certainly appreciated the seminar and hope you enjoyed meeting the group and spending time with us. I look forward to hearing from you concerning a follow up seminar on communication skills.”
Eastman Kodak
Michael Conley, Regional Sales Manager

“…I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate – they loved you! We’re still getting calls complimenting your presentation. Thank you for making the conference a success.”
Arizona Prosecuting Attorney’s Advisory Council
Debbie Gaudioso, Training Specialist

“…enthusiastic, energetic, and educational. To sum it up, Ben did an outstanding job. He was very knowledgeable about the material presented.”
John Deere Company
Mitch Brown, Manager, Branch Training

“To say you are dynamic seems to be an understatement in capturing the essence of your style. Exciting, invigorating, energizing, and excellent are just a few of the words the participants used to evaluate the program. The program was so well received that I continue to get positive feedback.”
Harris County Hospital District

Dianne E. Dawson, Director – Education

“…it was terrific for me to get a ‘customized’ seminar. An opportunity like that rarely happens! . . . Believe it or not, I have been able to apply many of the concepts (already.)”
Law Offices of Locke, Purnell Rain Harrell
Marie B. Guthrie, Personnel Director

“Ben’s program is informative, inspirational, covering lots of information…to be a successful manager – and (he’s) doing it with humor.”
Texas Legislative Council
Kathy Clarkson, Manager

“Ben’s program encouraged me to go back to my office and work on empowering my employees and relating to them (more effectively). It gave me positive feedback.”
Public Utility Commission
Kathy Shockey, Office Manager

“Today’s program was very interesting and educational. I feel motivated to get with my team and work with them to improve our quality of life and service to our customers.”
City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Transportation
Susan Hicks, Captain

“This has been the best seminar I have been to in the past 7 years. Ben was very good, knew his work and it was very helpful to me to take back to my office.”
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Vicki Renner, Hearing Office Supervisor

“…your workshop helped me as much with my practice as it did with my personal and administrative duties. The benefits are so worth while I’m requesting your workshop be presented to all of my staff physicians.”
San Diego Medical Center
Larry Golden, M.D., Chief of Family Practice

“As a new manager, this is the most helpful thing I’ve encountered so far. Ben is one of the top 3 speakers I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard many! His use of humor and charisma held my attention the entire time.”
San Antonio Current
Julie Cornelius, Advertising Manager

“Ben was very thorough and kept everyone’s attention with his humor combined with his expertise! Excellent communicator and trainer!”
Coors Brewing Company
Julie A. Bates, Brewing Plant Manager

“There was much more covered in this one day session than I imagined (possible). Rather than a long day rehashing things learned in other seminars, this day went quickly, was very informative and presented in a humorous manner that was very enlightening.”
Texas Attorney General
Pam Harmatiuk, Team Leader

“I was very impressed with Ben. He kept my attention and I learned a great deal from his seminar.”
Abbott Laboratories
Sandra Cosner, Pharmacist

“Ben was very knowledgeable and conducted the session very professionally. He made the topic interesting and caused me to be motivated to improve my skills…”
Lockheed Martin Idaho
Kevin M. Croft, Advisory Engineer

“I was very impressed with Ben’s presentation. His combination of facts and humor made the learning process very appealing.”
PCA Health Plan
Pat McCord, Customer Service Supervisor

“Mr. Adkins really knows his stuff. It’s a wonderful surprise to have someone who’s a skilled and interesting presenter, and who can also provide strong individual consultation. Mr. Adkins can do both.”
University of San Diego
Cynthia Villis, Associate Provost

“This is the best workshop I’ve ever been to! I loved the activities (and exercises) that reinforced team leading principles. Ben’s an extremely gifted speaker! I appreciated his humor, knowledge and expertise.”
New Care Concepts
MaryAnn Malklich, RN

“The most enjoyable and meaningful seminar I’ve attended.”
Steel Plant Equipment Corporation
Jerry Marinari, President

“I’ve been to a lot of training and I have to say you are top notch. Thanks for the session you presented to my group. They have already been using the ideas you presented. I let my group decide who they want for the speaker at our annual awards and goal setting Kick-Off meeting, and they want you back. So we look forward to seeing you again after the first of the year.”
Wells Fargo Bank
Robin Hamilton, Senior Regional Vice President

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