Facilitation Services

Facilitate – to make easier.
To help bring about

To make it easier to reach meeting goals, the most productive, time efficient action is to have a facilitator.

Ever see meetings bog down? Do overbearing personalities dominate group discussions? Are some people reluctant to contribute and participate? Do power struggles and factions exist? Do people talk over each other instead of allowing everyone to have their ideas listened too? Do people have problems making decisions? Do meetings become complaint sessions? If any of these things are happening in your workplace, association, committee, or organizational meetings then it would pay for you to have a facilitator.  

Having an experienced facilitator is a time-efficient and cost-effective approach to reach desired outcomes. A facilitator ensures productive meetings and assists when dealing with difficult or important issues and enables desired outcomes.

We provide facilitation for board meetings, team meetings, company meetings, problem solving sessions, employee involvement initiatives, focus groups, feedback sessions and any other occasion where people can benefit from an experienced neutral party to help bring things about.

A facilitator is especially beneficial in these situations:

  • The group has strong personalities
  • There is conflict present
  • People’s ideas and contributions need to be drawn out
  • Participation and involvement is needed from participants
  • Leadership needs to actively contribute with the group instead of controlling the meeting
  • Timeliness and achieving results are critical

 Save time and money! Contact us to request facilitation services.